Solar Energy System not performing and paying for itself as presented? Did you feel pressured or aggressively sold your Solar Energy system? Solar Energy System underperforming to what was promised? The Solar Company who sold you has vanished and left you disgruntled?


These are just a few of the questions that could lead you in the direction of a Solar Energy reclaim under legislation that has been around since 2008 in order to protect you.


So if you have been subjected to:


– The mis-representation to the realities of you system performance and face under delivery to performance that sees you seriously out of pocket to the promises made.


– The supply of a faulty installation or poorly/wrongly installed equipment.


– The supply of a system that is not fit for purpose.


– Forbidden practices of aggressive, pressure sales tactics or not given adequate legal cancellation notice.




Whatever the method of payment of to your Solar Energy System Company or Installer, it is well worth you talking with our Assessors and Solicitors, to take some impartial, objective advice.


The first step of our process is to assess the validity of your case totally free of charge. Dependent on the length of breadth of what you have endured, how many purchases, upgrades (for example extensions to existing solar systems or additional battery systems) and your particular circumstances and potential losses. Then, by talking with our UK Solicitors, we can evaluate if you have a case truly worthy of further investigation and case build for the Solicitor. From the case build, the solicitor will further assess the No Win No Fee option and confirm validity of potential for reclaim, issuing confirmation in principle. Everything is dependent upon the sheer volume of evidence and paperwork that you have, and the processing work needing in way of preparation pre-Solicitor. The more documentation, evidence and detail you have, the higher the probability of Solicitor acceptance of your case.


Each case will inevitably differ, but successful claims have an average duration of 6 to 18 months with the focal point being the original contract value plus any tangible losses attributed to the root contractual failing under legislation.


If you have purchased on finance and are still paying or made a payment by credit card, you can still have the Solicitor assess your claim? Yes, even if you are still paying for the Solar Energy System on finance, if the Solicitor is successful, it is possible to end up with either all or partial payment of the outstanding finance to be written off by way of a finance write-down.  If you’ve already paid off the finance and it was done within the last 10 years, there is definitely still a possible claim dependent on your exact circumstances. This is all subject to the Solicitors assessment and confirmation, but all worthy of the enquiry. We are not a Claims Management Company or Service, we are an Contract Mis-Sell Investigation, Termination and Private Investigation Company.


Before talking with our Assessors, please look for all documentation with regard to your Agreements, receipts of payment, Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements, sales literature, Finance Agreements, communication or handwritten notes from the company or its representatives, copies of electricity bills, etc. We can advise you on how you source copies of any legal documents with regard to purchase, finance and credit card payments if required.


So what do I need to do now to start the process? Contact us via enquiry, email or telephone to talk to Assessors who can begin to assess the basics to your Contractual Mis-Sell and speak with Uk Solicitors in advance.






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