Paralegal Instruction

Client Contract Services Limited have an administration team with decades of experience in dealing with contracts of all natures and specifically, contracts and agreements connected to Direct Sales and Selling, within multiple environments, countries and industries.

That knowledge and expertise being invaluable and hence, we have built a team that supports UK and European legal expertise by having a competent Para-legal team. A team recognised by the Institute of Paralegals for its decades of experience.

Where few Solicitors, lawyers and legal persons understand the methods of execution by Direct Sales experts to expedite their trade and sometimes tactics considered as ‘cloak and dagger’, ‘bait and switch’, our Paralegal team bridge the information gap in the area of understanding ‘How can this have happened’. A bona fide and legitimate gap in understanding filled by knowledgable team members who really do know ‘how and why’ it happened to clients of all walks of life. From a Barrister, Solicitor, policeman to people who work in all forms of employment, we have helped them all to understand what has actually happened to them and how they came to find themselves in the position of being mis-sold.

Valuable expertise and helping the legal profession, concurrent with the people that are potential victims understand what has happened to them in way of contractual Mis-Sell.