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Middle England:


Situated along the A14 in a rural town of Islip, Northamptonshire, our Office is well positioned logistically for day appointments from the North, the Midlands to the East and South East of England.  We make our Assessors available for appointments for your convenience at our prestigious office and offer overnight stay combinations to make your journey more comfortable and to make sure that you have as much time with our team as you need. The devil is in the detail and our time on the first appointment is completely free to you. For your comfort, we have selected some superior accommodation that is within a miles of our office, with secure parking, leaving you the option to see us any day of the week or weekend.







Client Investigations

Andrew Parker

Managing Director

Admin/Paralegal Support

Wendy Parker

Administrative Assistant

Client Support

Tony Winsor


Client Manager

Alan Walker

Client Case Assessor/Spanish Legal Translator