Paralegal Register


We have 2 full time ParaLegals that are certified Tier 3 Members of the Professional Paralegal Register. If you do your research on Tier 3, it shows a very clear, proficient and serious level of knowledge and understanding within the paralegal work arena and gives great additional peace of mind to all existing and potential clients.

For the avoidance of doubt, The Professional Paralegal Register regulates Paralegals that are registered with it who hold a paralegal practicing certificate, promoting professional paralegals as a recognised fourth arm of the legal profession. With a primary goal and functionality to enhance consumer choice and their protection. Where we operate under the contractual guidance of SRA Regulated Solicitors, we are on The Professional Paralegal Register and do not hold a paralegal practicing certificate.

Both consumers and employers can be assured that the professionals that are successfully on the register, meet the required standards of both the individual’s recognised membership body and the robust criteria set by the PPR.

A benefit of the PPR is that consumers  have the opportunity to raise potential concerns/complaints to the PPR s and has a range of sanctions available, including but not limited to the ability to award compensation in certain circumstances.

Paralegals who are on the Register are regulated in terms of their professional conduct and have a duty of care and integrity in their dealings with consumers.